SeaBattle v1.01

by Lucas Wall

Palm SeaBattle is a game for the PalmOS based in the old pen and paper game were two players place a certain amount of ships in a grid and then try to sink each others ships. The game can be played with only one device, or two linked devices using IR.

THIS IS A BETA RELEASE! There are still things to polish and some parts are not functional. This release is just for you to have a feeling of how the final release will be. Check the project summary at sourceforge for more information, or to report bugs, ask for features or subscribe in any of the mailing lists or release trackers.

Screen Shot:


SeaBattle v1.01 (zip) (19Kb)

SeaBattle v1.01 (sit) (18Kb)

SeaBattle v1.01 (prc) (38Kb)

SeaBattle v1.01 (source code) (56Kb)

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